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"I just finished reading Mr. Dacey's new book, The Block Island Mystery and it was great. His descriptive style makes you feel more like a bystander to what's happening than a reader of a book. I couldn't put it down and look forward to his next book. "

Chris S.

"The day I got the book, I could not put it down. Read it cover to cover in one day. Book has a lot of twists and turns in it and the ending was not what I saw coming. Very good read. Duke is character that plays by his own set of rules, and I see more cases in his future. Love the local favor to it. Five stars in my book."

Ed L.

"Absolutely loved this book especially because it was based in Block island and point Judith area . This book kept my interest for a whole afternoon until I finished. Also didn’t figure out the end until I read it THANK YOU ."

Amy A.

"Great book, well written with quite a twist at the very end! Enjoyed all of the detail throughout the book, you can picture the people and places in your mind's eye as your read. Highly recommend!"

Danette M

"Great read. Couldn't put it down. Reminded me of the old Mickey Spillane thrillers. Has all the ingredients. The troubled gumshoe, the woman, the perfect villains and a great plot twist. Looking forward to reading Mr. Dacey's next."

Al P.

"Just finished reading Argentine Mist! Once I started reading, I could not put the book down! So many twists and great details kept me captivated the entire time! Very excited to read the whole series!"